WE LOVE GREEN_The slogan for the new collection this time wants to give an ecological and sustainability message: «We love Green». The roots of this idea reach the depths of its history where production began and coninued until today using ecological procedures. To transmit this idea we used only recyclable materials: the entire structure of the stand has been built with multi-layer vertical cardboard customized with hand-drawn graphics that design a conceptual forest growing on the side of the path. Each wall is backlit through circular windows that open on the top of each illustrated tree creating an effect of depth and volumetry going from the outside to the inside and vice versa. A second volume of horizontal multi-layered cardboards at one meter from the floor goes through the entire perimeter creating a display to show the pieces laying on hundreds of metaphorical trunks which are made of natural wood. They are mixed up together arbitrarily with each other. For the floor we used a decontextualized version of the grass made of recycled rubber. The furniture in the middle of the stand is made by swings and hammocks designed in leaf form to integrate perfectly in the context. We want to give the message that the producto of our client is natural, simple but at the same time original and contemporary….reminding the viewer that using ecological footwear is the first step to create a better world. Brand Victoria Shoes/ Location Micam Milán, Bread & Butter Berlin, Modacalzado Madrid / Area 60m2/ Project Manager Nelly Dominguez de Juan/ Design Nelly Dominguez de Juan & Josep Ruá/ Product design Studio MUT