VICTORIA’S PLANET_in this project we wanted to create a stand that embraces the trend of Victoria Footwear collections where imagination, color and optimism are always present. For this purpose a very minimal wood structure was designed as canvas support of an illustration that would be created «in situ» in real time in each one of the editions. The artpiece was created by the illustrators Valero Doval and Marta Abad. The objective of this technique carried out with acrylic paint and adhesive vinyl is that the visual impact of the stand is based on the effect of the elaboration of a unique and exclusive artistic handmade work different for each edition.

The graphic image of the artwork recreates an imaginary nature made by colorful characters, clouds of colors and trees with different textures dividing the space of the stand in three parts: water, earth and air, each one defined by different colors and textures like the design of the shoes presented in the collection. The objective was to carry the visitor to an imaginary planet, the one where Calzados Victoria belongs, full of optimism, positivity and color.

Brand Victoria Shoes/ Location Micam Milán, Bread & Butter Barcelona,  Modacalzado Madrid / Area 60m2/ Project Manager Nelly Dominguez de Juan/ Design Nelly Dominguez de Juan & Josep Ruá/ Illustration Valero Doval y Marta Abad