VICTORIA OVER TIME_ considering that our customer has marked a generation with his product…., the passage of time becomes the thread of this project embued with a more emotional content than the others which is linked not only to memories of the past but also to the present we live in. For this purpose we decided for a surreal style to create a more impressive atmosphere according to the collection presented this season. With this premise we designed the entire perimeter using modules covered with sleeves which are woven with hundreds of zippers like a tailor made suit. All the modules are backlit and by opening some of the zippers we can play with the intensity of the illumination. Light represents innovation, the ability to adapt to new times and the possibility to open the mind to new ideas and concepts. In the background the legs of mannequins used as a display for the products evoke movement, travelling, a trajectory walking in a here and now present symbolized by a surrealistic display of the pieces.

The graphic elements on the walls instead take us back to a specific memory of a young and yet mature girl who appears with a vintage dress while she’s dreaming. Her dreams are represented with Victoria laces that make a spiral that seems to sew up the walls. The textured finished are perfectly matched with the letters of the brand that are made with a patchwork technique using fabrics from this collection that gives us plenty of colors and textures to use.

Brand Victoria Shoes/ Location Micam Milán, Bread & Butter Berlin, Modacalzado Madrid / Area 60m2/Project Manager Nelly Dominguez de Juan/ Design Nelly Dominguez de Juan & Josep Ruá/ Graphic design MUT Design