INTERNO MEDITERRÁNEO_  is color, simplicity, tradition and maximum economy in resources. An old butcher shop located in the genuine Ruzafa district in Valencia, converted into a restaurant specializing in gourmet pizza, cocktails and wines for a Milanese client. The project is divided in two basic strategies; on the one hand, carrying out a reform with the main objective being the maximum economy of resources. On the other hand, to provide it with a traditional image but at the same time contemporary, in tune with the imprint of Ruzafa district, keeping a safe Mediterranean style.

To achieve the maximum economy in resources, the conservation of the most characteristic and traditional elements has been essential, such as the marble bench where the meat was originally cut, converted into the bar around which the rest of funzionalities are articulated, as well as the recovery and conservation of some materials such as the typical original mosaic floor, rich in geometric drawings and colors. For its brand identity as inspiration from the Mediterranean area, tomatoes and rosemary are used for the logo. A wallpaper designed exclusively for the occasion by Blank studio embraces the main room, representing an ideal forest made up of all the plants and herbs of the territory, such as the rice paddy, widely cultivated both in Italy and in Spain. Furniture in wood and leather with an industrial touch and lighting made by hand ad hoc complete this project.

Location Ruzafa (Valencia, Spain) / Client Interno Mediterraneo (Milan, Italy)  / Interior Design Nelly Dominguez de Juan / Brand identity Blank Studio.