A HUNDRED YEARS OF FIRST LOVE_»A hundred years ago Gregorio met his first love and created a shoe that would bear his name». This is how the story begins for the Spanish shoe manufacturer Victoria and so, with this slogan, is how we crowned this project to commemorate the first centenary of the brand. Gregorio has a great history behind him and you can feel it in his collections which have evolved over all these years adapting to the demands of the new market without losing that traditional touch that made him who he is.

This has been source of inspiration for the project. In the showroom the classic elements are constantly mixed with others with more contemporary connotations. White urban style tile walls microcemento for the floor and natural wood furniture. For the graphic image of the facade line we created unique pattern for the occasion inspired by the old hydraulic tile but with geometric patterns that can be combined with the slogan of the brand using silkscreen printing and numerical control. This pattern crosses all the stand as a tile on the walls and as a digital print on the floor. For the footwear exhibition the furniture has been designed the traditional cabinets of the 50’s as inspiration. Small and peculiar accesories are present all through the space: vintage glass bells containing footwear, cage-shaped lamps with mirror bulbs, bicycle wheels that peek beneath the shelves and an antique shopping cart for the catering. The idea is to remember that the passage of time is an added value and not a flaw so we can say that they are not only 100 years of history but also 100 years of victories.

Brand Victoria Shoes/ Location Micam Milán, Bread & Butter Berlín, Modacalzado Madrid/ Area 60m2/ Project Manager Nelly Dominguez De Juan/ Design Nelly Dominguez De Juan & Josep Ruá