HERE COMES THE SUN_String Art, is a technique where colored threads, strings or tightened threads are wound around a set of nails to form geometric or abstract shapes and in the end any kind of image. This procedure is usually carried out on a painted or upholstered wooden base. In this edition the String Art technique has been chosen as the warhorse of our current project. The reason is very simple: this technique combines a series of characteristics that matches with our client profile since it is an handcrafted process and it is carried out with textiles materials such as the cord that evokes dynamism, movement, optimism, color….What better way to receive the summer? With this premise the entire space is provided with a white fabric lining to create a neutral background for a String Art composition based on geometric figures made with the colours of the collection.

The displays and showcases are handmade, all of them as well as the central podiums and the floor lamp are woven with blue cord. The facade line is graphic message that represents a young, picturesque girl with a teapot in her hands with the sologan «here comes the sun», surrounded with a geometric universe.

Brand Victoria Shoes/ Location Micam Milán, Bread & Butter Berlin, Modacalzado Madrid / Area 60m2/ Project Manager Nelly Dominguez de Juan/ Design Nelly Dominguez de Juan & Josep Ruá/ Illustration Paula Bonet