CONFORT MEETS FASHION_Our goal for this edition is to show the our client new collection, an ecological materials based product. Our new showroom identity projected the message that ecosustainability has to be a priority now. Natural materials such as pressed natural wood, pickled pine plank and natural bamboo for the floor are used to communicate this idea. The recycled red wood showcases are designed for the occasion. Everything is framed with the graphic image reproduced with a floral pattern made by following the chromatic range of the collection: red, aquamarine, green, brick red, blue and sage. Each color is meant to create an atmosphere where nature and artistic creation converge together with a touch of romanticism. Brand Calzados Evori/ Location Micam Milán, Bread & Butter Berlin, Modacalzado Madrid/ Area 50m2/ Graphic designer Elena Muñoz Bernardo