CARMELO ABAD HAIRDRESSED_As main objective we wanted to break the classic concept of hairdressing to create a space featuring futuristic forms alternating at the same time with renaissance elements. Our purpose is to design a modern and old style at the same time. We constantly  play with the contrast of volumes but at the same time the stand wants to carry people in a balanced, elegant, fresh space, creating an atmosphere of well-being and relaxation appropriate for this activity. The volumetry of the room moves vertically on two levels and horizontally thank you to a curvilinear design that crosses the space dividing the customer service area and the technical-organizational area. This curve is the element with the stronger personality in the room.

It is imagined as a cascade-like movement that embraces the circular reception area which lays like it is floating on glowing spheres and it is crowned with an harmonious Murano glass lamp. Through a sinouos ramp we access a mezzanine designed like a theatre scene where we turn a mundane action like hairwashing in a real artpiece built in a provocative renaissance frame to create the illusion of an animated canvas. Near the entrance a longitudinal mirror walks through the hair cut and hair styling area to expand the space around the customers. The stand creates a modernist, futuristic but traditional atmosphere with a fresh and organic touch where harmony is always present even if surrounded by high contrast elements.

Brand Carmelo Abad/ Location Valencia / Area 90m2/ Design Nelly Dominguez de Juan & Josep Ruá.