BE VICTORIA_ we tried to represent a geometric garden where tradition and modernity converge perfectely and where we try to take out of context the materials as well as their application. We used the traditional material for excellence; rattan, like the one used in old chairs, rockers etc….This time though its application was descontextualized trying to use it to cover the walls of the stand (as if they were upholstered). The ecological green lawn vertically leads the rattan mat through the stand going side by side with the triangular graphic composition made in a wide range of prints intermingled in a collage that represents all the products of this season collection. The rattan mat serves as an inspiration for the stand; its perforated was the perfect chance to pair it with hundreds of wooden sticks creating a Mikado effect just where the shoes will be exhibited. Lighting is provided by sticks designed as lamps for the occasion as well as neon lamps used to draw the logo of the trademark that mark out the exhibitionn area.

Brand Victoria Shoes   Location Micam Milán, Bread & Butter Berlin, Modacalzado Madrid    Area 60m2    Project Manager Nelly Dominguez de Juan   Design Nelly Dominguez de Juan & Josep Ruá    Graphic and product design MUT Design